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Why I Need Travel Insurance when I Travel ?

Having a travel insurance ensures greater peace of mind when you are travelling abroad. Travel insurance covers the losses onccurs due to the flight delay or cancellation , loss of posession while you travel ,meeting emergency medical expenses etc.

Is it mandatory to have a Travel Insurance In UAE ?

Getting a travel insurance is the choice of yours when you travel . However travel insurance is compulsory for travelling to some of the countries .When you are applying for a Visa to Europe , schengen visa you need to submit the travel insurance copy also. It is always better to have travel insurance when you travel abroad even if it is mandatory. help the client to get the best travel insruance when they travel

Travel Insurance are of different types and helps when we require support during the travelling

What are the different types of travel insurance plans?

Travel insurance can be classified in to different categories based on some of the factors.

Single And Multi Trip

Based on the frequency of travelling travel insurance can be applied. If you are travelling on partcicular dates you can apply for single trip travel insurance. But in case if you are traveling multiple in a year better to apply for multi trip travel insruance

Individual & Family Travel Insurance And Group Travel Insurance

Based on the number of travellers and cotravellers you can go for individual,family or group travel insurance. If you are travelling as individual you can apply for individual travel insurance,if you are travelling with family apply family cover. If you travelling with more number of people as a group then group travel insurance is ideal .

What are coverd in Travel Insurance ?

Lossess occured due to flight delay or cancellation, lost baggage during travel ,emergency medical expenses and any other emergency assistance required as per the travel insurance policy is covered by travel insurance policies generlly. Thing slike pre existing medical conditions, extreme adventure sports etc are generally excluded. However some travel insurance policies provides the facility to add few items as additional benefits by charging extra premium .

How to apply for a travel insurance through

Applying for a travel insurance policy through is easy . See the 6 steps you can follow travel insurance through any source. This includes researching on the requirements such as travel dates,places visits,activities planned etc.Before deciding on the type of travel insurance cover you need decide on the amount of cover and benefits required. However dont get confused as our experienced travel insurance consultants can help you to choose the right travel insurance policy.

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