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Having A Home Contents Insurance Is Important To Protect In Case Of Uncetainities

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Why I Need Home Insurance ?

For many of us home is a dream investment which is made to last for a life time. Hence it is always better to protect them with a home insurance which is affordable. In fact, by paying a lesser amount you can protect the contents which is valuable to you from accidental damages. There are economical home insurance solutions available in the market which can protect your valuable contents from accidental damage and theft.

Home insurance if you are staying in rented home ?

Even if you are statying in a rented home you need to have a home insurance to cover the contents in the home. Home contents insurance offers benefits like covergae for jewellery and financial assistance for replacements of locks and keys .Also when you stay in a rented home having a Tenant's Liability Cover offers greater peace of mind.

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Types of home insurance

Building Insurance : Building insurance is a property insurance which protects building in the case of an accident or uncentain situation such as fire.

Home Contents Insurance : Home contents insurance covers furniture and appliances

Personal Belongings Insurance : Personal belongings insurance protects the treasured items. Jewellery ,watches etc may be covered under this However many of the cases home contents insurance comes as package which may include the benefts of all this or in any of the combinations.

What details need to be provided for applying?

Other than the personal details such as address ,details of the house to be insrued you need to provide the list of contents to be insured ,value of the contents, and the details of the claims if any is already there in the past.

What all are generally covered under a home insurance policy ?

Generally unexpected events and natural calamities,Alternative accommodation,Tenants' liability Legal liability and contents in the open are covered. However benefits such as stolen keys,frozen foods,vistors personal effects and household removals also may be covered depends on the policy you apply . You have to read the policy terms before applying for the policy to understand what all are covered as main benefits.
Additional benefits which can be added are personal belongings coverage,domestic help cover and tenants liablity policy.There could be further additonal benefits which you can be opted depends on the policy you apply.

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